Welcome, friend!  If you've found your way here, you are either expecting a baby or hoping to soon.  What a wonderful time in your life!  It's equal parts challenge and reward and overflows with emotions and changes.  So many changes.  That's what I've come to love... the evolution into mothering and family.  In nine months, so much adaptation and growth occurs  in a woman's life.  Capturing that sliver of time is priceless.  It's a legacy in the making.   

As a photographer, I have twelve years under my belt shooting full-time in the field and operating my home studio.  I have been shooting maternity and newborns for about four of those years and have studied newborn positioning and posing tactics under several renowned photographers.  I also have extensive past experience handling newborns and small children... my distant background includes several years working as an obstetrics and pediatric nurse.  The tricks and skills I garnered during that time have been invaluable as a newborn photographer.  In addition, I am a proud mommy of two adventurous little ones of my own- Elijah is 8 and Lily is 5.  I love what I do and am confident in my abilities to guide your newborn safely and comfortably through their very first photo session.  I'm thrilled to be considered to capture this shifting chapter in your life.  It's a huge blessing and honor to tell the story of a family's beginning in photographs.