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when to schedule your newborn session
Monday, January 07, 2019
when to schedule your newborn session

Hey there!  Today, I'm sharing some thoughts on when you might want to schedule that newborn photo session.  I frequently receive emails from excited expectant moms, early in their pregnancy.  Usually they're looking around for a photographer to capture their baby's first photos or they're just gathering information and perusing some sweet images.  Either way, these first inquiries are early.  Like seven months early.  After some initial email conversation, these soon-to-be mamas get pulled further into their pregnancy and forget to schedule their session.  The baby arrives and they email a week later, hoping to schedule ASAP.  Usually I can move things around and accommodate.  But sometimes, I can't. The best plan?  Get things in order for your session near the end of your second trimester.  This will allow for ease in scheduling- you won't get "baby brain" and forget to do it and you'll be guaranteed a session around the time that baby is born.We will have some time to plan a color palette around your decor and use items and colors that will complement your home.  Given some time in advance, I can better prepare you for what to bring and what to wear.  My goal is to get both baby's parents in a handful of those first photos- having a good idea of what will photograph well will help make things ...

NORA - lansing newborn photographer
Tuesday, April 10, 2018
when to schedule your newborn session

Anja and Mitch are a favorite past wedding couple.  They got married in a simply gorgeous wedding not too long ago… you can read that post on my wedding blog here.  I was over the moon when Anja messaged me that she and Mitch would be welcoming a little one soon and she hoped I could take their first family photos.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but when I get the honor of telling a client’s baby story through photos… well, it just does not get better.  I photographed their wedding, which was amazing, of course, but to capture their newborn’s first photos… it’s just such an incredible blessing.  These photos will hang proudly on the walls of their home and as she grows, she will see where she began and the love that surrounded her.  It’s such an honor to do what I do.  Excuse me while I go cry into my coffee.  ;) They decided to have me travel to their home for the photos, which was so much easier for them.  Many times baby can feel more comfortable in her own environment and I'm super mobile with my session set-up, so it's fine all around.  Nora was such a sweet little one and slept through most of her session, giving me grins along the way.  After some cozy shots of the three of them together, I left Nora to her nap with mom and dad.  Here are some favorite ...

Friday, March 16, 2018
when to schedule your newborn session

Introducing sweet Lucas!!  It was such a treat to capture his first photos and spend some time with this wonderful family.  Lucas's Dad Ian serves in the military and was to be deployed overseas shortly after these photos were taken, so it was a bittersweet time, for sure.  I've always understood the importance of photographs and how crucial it is to document family milestones over the years.  But following the session, Ian shared that through the photos, he would have the ability to take his family with him wherever he may be stationed.  What an amazing thing!  I was thrilled that we were able to incorporate Ian's military details as they had hoped.  When a client brings something to their session that holds emotional significance and we are able to add it seamlessly... what a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.  We already have plans for their next session, when Ian is back in the states and is reunited with his family.  I feel so blessed to be able to tell their family's story.  <3 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
when to schedule your newborn session

Today, I'm sharing some tips and ideas for making your newborn photography session run seamlessly and smoothly.  Most clients contact me in the second or third trimester, well prior to baby's arrival and the chaos that can ensue.  Their plans are almost always to bring baby to the studio for the portrait session.  Once baby arrives, however, the idea of leaving the house can seem daunting and stressful.  I'm here to help with that!  1. Don't stress over baby's clothing!  We have everything needed for dressing your baby.  From gender neutral wraps and swaddles to blush pink or soft blues... we have plenty of great options for you to pick from.  Most of my pieces can be mixed and layered, so it's easy to pick something that will look customized for your shoot.  2. Scheduling your appointment between 7 and 14 days is best.  Babies are usually getting in a groove with their feeding schedule by then and if you're nursing, milk has come in by this point. 3. Heat is key!  If you're shooting in-studio, prepare to be warm.  Dress yourself and your partner in layers for your comfort.  Babies are generally sleepiest when they are warm and we shoot much of the session with baby unclothed, so warm air is a must.  If we are shooting at-home, please turn up your heat if it's winter and shut of the AC in ...