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Monday, January 07, 2019
By Kelly L Gillespie

Hey there!  Today, I'm sharing some thoughts on when you might want to schedule that newborn photo session.  I frequently receive emails from excited expectant moms, early in their pregnancy.  Usually they're looking around for a photographer to capture their baby's first photos or they're just gathering information and perusing some sweet images.  Either way, these first inquiries are early.  Like seven months early.  After some initial email conversation, these soon-to-be mamas get pulled further into their pregnancy and forget to schedule their session.  The baby arrives and they email a week later, hoping to schedule ASAP.  Usually I can move things around and accommodate.  But sometimes, I can't. 

The best plan?  Get things in order for your session near the end of your second trimester.  This will allow for ease in scheduling- you won't get "baby brain" and forget to do it and you'll be guaranteed a session around the time that baby is born.

We will have some time to plan a color palette around your decor and use items and colors that will complement your home.  Given some time in advance, I can better prepare you for what to bring and what to wear.  My goal is to get both baby's parents in a handful of those first photos- having a good idea of what will photograph well will help make things easier.  Usually it's something very simple like a black tank or tee, but knowing this ahead of time is helpful.  

Once baby arrives, all that's needed is a quick message to me with baby's arrival details.  We will plan the session for a few days after you are home and settled.  Baby is still nice and sleepy during that time... perfect for those curly, sweet shots.  

Working newborn photos into your postpartum plan can be very easy and with a little foresight, will be a wonderful experience for you and your little one!

Nestled is a maternity and newborn portrait studio specializing in organic-inspired, emotional imagery celebrating the beginning of a new life.  A division of Looking Glass Photography, Nestled is owned and operated by Kelly Gillespie, a photographer with over 12 years of experience.    Located just east of Lansing and willing to travel to Grand Ledge, Mason, Williamston, Howell, Brighton and throughout central Michigan to capture the start of your family's journey.  

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