A pregnant mama spends 40 weeks of her life carrying her baby.  If she lives to be 80 years old, she will experience about 4,000 weeks in her lifetime.  So, 40 weeks out of 4,000 are spent pregnant.  Not very much time.  And... there are only a handful of weeks during the newborn period.  Math here isn't necessary- newborns are growing and changing from the second they enter the world.  The start of a new life is an incredibly small window of time.

Nestled by Looking Glass Photography began with one purpose: to preserve the start of a new family in timeless photographs.  To capture that time that is gone so quickly.  My hope is that these images will look beautiful and classic when your great-grandchildren see them someday. 

My home studio located outside of Lansing was designed with maternity and newborn clients in mind, which means my space is quiet and cozy.  I have a lounging area for my clients to recharge and everything needed to provide a calming, restorative experience.  I have a hand-picked collection of heirloom-quality props and clothing options for your use, including wraps, maternity skirts and dresses, headbands, bonnets, tiebacks, baby pants and rompers.   Colors are kept neutral or soft-hued, with an emphasis on texture.  Trends and patterns are wonderfully fun, but you won't see those here.  The focus is always on you and your baby.